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The Veil is Thin

Today is Halloween. A time when I get out the big bin of "dress-up clothes," as I used to call them when I was a kid. It is a trunk of assorted costumes, vintage clothing and other weird wearable finds. I love my trunk of dress-up clothes. I dive into it throughout the year.

Costumes and cos-play clothing isn't something we tend to use on the daily or the weekly. They are a perfect example of something to keep if we do use it but infrequently AND it brings us JOY! I pare down my costumes to one trunk. If there is too much to fit into the trunk, I let go of some of the items. There are some items I will never let go of, like the Plether zippered jumpsuit my mother made in 1969.

Update on Space Decluttering: I am currently still taking clients but I've also opened up a little booth in The Painted Tree Boutiques shopping center in Northglenn, Colorado. Opening this booth helped me declutter a lot of really fun items that I was hanging onto but never used. I put a super sweet hand carved jewelry cabinet from Indonesia. I had bought so many fun handmade goods in Indonesia while I lived there but never used them. It's funny how easy it was to let go of these items once I had a place to sell them.

Next blog post will be about selling on Marketplace! I am happy to help you get started as part of a decluttering package. I also offer discount packages for that special person on your Holiday Gift list! Please inquire. I offer in-person three hour decluttering sessions, in-person or online 1 hour consults for your bigger projects like cleaning out Mom's home and I can tailor an online accountability group for your group of friends or business. This last service is new upon several requests. We will get started in the new year!

Have a wonderful Halloween night. I will be at the Lizzo Concert with my daughter! What better way to celebrate this time of the season when the veil is thin between light and dark with joyful dancing and celebration with one of the top badass ladies of the USA?

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