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S  P  A  C  E  

professional decluttering services

 The top priority at SPACE is to help you to create a space that frees you from distractions and emphasizes the most important parts of your life.  I help you understand your emotional attachments, while concurrently finding creative ways to let go of what no longer serves the best version of you and your family. I can help use the existing goodness within in your home to curate an elevated home.  

SPACE helps humans to declutter their homes and lives to create spaces that feed the soul.  

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SPACE Services

*   1 FREE hour consultation   

*    Decluttering Session - 3hr min - most areas of your home

*    Online Decluttering Session - 1hr min

*    Decluttering session with Kids! 

*    Donation assistance - get those unwanted items out of your home! (included with each session or as a stand alone service)

*     Move assistance -includes decluttering, curating, planning for junk removal, selling or donating unwanted items, packing, unpacking. Great for getting the home ready to sell!  

*    Decluttering coaching - ongoing support or coaching to get you going on your own.  Billed by the hour. 

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"We didn’t want to clutter up our new house when we moved in, so the basement became our dumping ground. About a year after moving in—and having managed to ignored that dumping ground for a whole year—we found ourselves offering that basement space to a person new to Denver. We needed to make it livable in a hurry! 

I didn’t even know where to start but Gwen dove right in. She didn’t push getting rid of anything but asked questions and made piles. It was easier getting rid of things knowing they were going to good homes and not just getting trashed. We made more progress in a few hours than I would have in days!" Jennifer in Denver

"The best thing about working with Gwen was how relaxing it was. This kind of work on one's living space can be tiring. But working with Gwen was actually fun, and often I would keep going even after she left out of the inspiration and momentum that I feel we created together.  Gwen is also very practical. So many small changes made such big differences."  Kellie in Denver

"I never thought that decluttering my office could be enjoyable, but, with Gwen, it was! Her guidance and sense of purpose are inspiring. In particular, I appreciated her encouragement to deal with the singular items right now, and her sitting next to me in quiet support as I dealt with them (the bill I had not paid yet, the note I needed to enter in my computer, the call not made). I recommend her services wholeheartedly!"  Adriana in Denver

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Purple Orchid

Why Me?

A Unique Decluttering Style

Decluttering and organizing with me is fun, healing, and satisfying.  Team work through deep listening. Collaboration in developing systems that work for you and your people.  Humor, playfulness as needed! 

Other cred: 15 years of meditation and mindfulness training, Completion of two year Hakomi Somatic Mindfulness therapy. Background in Art and Design.  Community living. Some say, I have the "good eye." 

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